Pregnancy Update: Weeks 29 – 32

Holy busy mama over here… totally forgot to post weeks 29-30 so I’ve decided to post weeks 29-32 all in one blog, since I’m now in my 33rd week!

Baby Size

At week 29 baby was the size of a bunch of a pineapple and about 16 inches long. By week 32 baby is the size of a pomelo (whatever that is?) and now measures close to 18 inches long and weighs about 4 pounds! By now, he is packing on about 1/2 pound per week and he has a full set of both fingernails and toenails – cute!

How I’ve been feeling/Symptoms

Since my last update, I have been back to see my OB, and he confirmed that I am actually Rh positive, meaning there was no need for me to get the RhoGam shot, but it’s not a big deal that I did receive it.  

I’ve been feeling pretty good, aside from regular pregnancy aches and pains. My back is always sore and so are my hips, but I pretty much expected that to continue, so I’ve just learned to live with it!

Another not so fun symptom I’ve been having for the last few weeks is pain in my pubic bone. I mentioned it to my OB, who didn’t seem too concerned! Some days the pain is really bad, where others it is barely noticeable.

During my last OB appointment, my doctor mentioned that he thinks our baby is breech, so I guess we will see if he moves in the next few weeks!

Cravings and Food Aversions

Still ALL THE FRUIT. Seriously.. it’s basically all I want. I am obviously eating many things other than fruit, but fruit just sounds the best to me.

What I’m loving right now

Our baby boys movements! Over the past week or so, he has started moving around like CRAZY!! Constantly pushing out as if he is trying to escape. My husband thinks it is the weirdest thing to watch, but I think it is SO COOL and it is so comforting to me when he is moving around all day long.

What I’m missing

Sushi.. and wine. The weather has been getting nicer and I really wish I could join my husband in drinking a nice glass of wine on our back deck!


At the beginning of week 32, I was up to 146 pounds (up 23 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight) and my belly was 38 inches around. Our baby boy is DEFINITELY growing!


READY. Since my last update, I had my baby shower, got the nursery all organized, packed my postpartum baskets around the house and am slowly getting all of our hospital bags packed! We also have the bassinet set up in our bedroom and we have ordered and received everything else that we need! Of course, I want our baby boy to cook as long as possible, but I feel comfort in knowing that if he were to come early, we would be ready for him!


xox. -K

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