Hi! I’m Kelly, and that is my husband, Brent! We got married in 2015 and have begun building a life together that we love.

A little bit about me.. I own a winemaking store, I love good food, good wine, good company and my 3 cats!

I started this lifestyle blog as a creative space to share some of the things I am passionate about. As of right now, I work 6 days a week, which leaves me very little time for real life. I like to try and eat healthy most of the time, which means cooking most of my own meals. I also can’t stand it when my house is ‘messy’ or ‘cluttered’ so I am constantly cleaning and organizing!

But to be perfectly honest, I also love cuddling up on the couch for hours on end with my hubby, my cats, a glass of wine and Netflix so keeping up with the lifestyle I want is extremely tough at times. I don’t always eat as healthy as I would like to, or have my house as clean as I want it but I thought this would be a good outlet to share some of my tips and tricks on keeping up with this little thing we call L I F E.

I will be sharing my meal prepping tips, some quick, easy, tried and true recipes, cleaning and organizing hacks and also some budget friendly renovations and home décor ideas.

xox -K.