Postpartum Essentials

Hey guys!! So sorry for all the pregnancy/baby related posts lately! I am 33 weeks pregnant now and I have been so busy getting ready for his arrival, that it’s really all I think about!

In today’s post, I am going to share some of the baskets that I’ve made up to leave around the house to help me out postpartum. I have read many blogs, and watched a ton of YouTube videos and I think that the baskets I have made include mostly everything that I will need!

Postpartum Bathroom Basket



What I’ve Included:
Always discreet disposable underwear (in case of extra heavy bleeding)
Nighttime heavy flow maxi pads
Witch Hazel (alcohol free – to add to my peri bottle)
Peri bottle (not shown in picture, but I left room to put the one I receive at the hospital)
Extra high rise cotton panties (in case of accidents)
Moist Tissues
Tucks personal cleansing pads (for itch and pain relief)
New Mama bottom spray
Stool softener (not shown, but on my list to buy)

I have extra pads (maxi and panty liners) stored under our bathroom vanity.

Breastfeeding Basket (to leave on my nightstand for nighttime feedings)



What I’ve Included:
Disposable breast pads
Nipple cream
Water wipes
Extra water bottles (I also included some Crystal Lite packages, and a couple juice boxes in case I’m thirsty for something other than just water)
Snacks (I put some granola bars in here for now, but plan to make a bunch of healthy snacks to freeze ahead of time that I can add to this basket every couple of days)

Diaper Change Caddy (to leave downstairs for daytime diaper changes)



What I’ve Included:
Diapers (newborn for right now)
Waterproof changing pad
Extra cloths for messes
Swaddle blanket
Hand sanitizer

Trunk Extras (for baby and mama when out and about)


What I’ve Included:
Diapers (newborn & size 1)
Waterproof changing pad
Outfit change for baby (newborn & 0-3 month)
Baby blanket
Always disposable underwear
Nighttime heavy flow maxi pads
Change of clothes (for me)
Nursing pads
Antibacterial wipes
Water bottles

I hope this helps out any new mama’s or mama’s to be out there! Please let me know if you think of anything that I am forgetting!

Thanks for reading!

xox. -K

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