Nursery Dresser Organization

Here is our nursery dresser organization! I love doing organization posts, because I LOVE the organizing part! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks washing, folding and organizing teeny tiny baby clothes and I think I’ve finally got the dresser the way that I want it. With that being said, I am a first time mom, so I’m sure over the first few weeks or months, I will end up changing the drawers around to better suit our needs. But for now, this is what I have! And as always, any tips from mamas out there would be greatly appreciated!

I will link everything that I can below so you know where I got it from.

We purchased the Hemnes dresser from Ikea and I love how much storage it has!! I actually want to get one for our bedroom eventually! The only downside is that the drawers don’t come out all the way. For the purpose of my photos, I pulled them out as far as I could, but the things that I have stored in the back of the drawers are definitely going to be hard to get to, especially while changing a baby, so I tried to put the less important items in the back for now.


We decided to use this dresser as a changing table as well so we have the changing mat on top, along with our wipe warmer. I also have a couple of adorable piggy banks that my parents gifted us, and a cute little hedgehog sound machine! We have our diaper pail sitting to the left of the dresser.

All the clothing items, towels, blankets etc. have been washed before I put them into the dresser. I am going to show you the drawers from top left, to right and then down.

Drawer One


In the first drawer I have: newborn diapers, Vaseline, baby powder, and various bum creams (we have a few different kinds that we received, so I will see which one I like best before purchasing any more). I also have some extra wipes stored in the back.

Drawer Two


The second drawer has some handmade burp cloths, made by my talented cousin, and bibs in the bottom left corner. Some of those bibs were also handmade by another friend of mine (seriously, I had some really talented ladies attend my baby shower!). The bottom right bin just has some healthcare items that will most likely get used in the first months (nose Freida, nail clippers and ear thermometer).

Drawer Three


In this drawer I have all of his washed newborn sleepers, sleep sacks and sleep gowns, as well as some 0-3 month sleepers. At the back are some newborn onesies as well. I don’t have much as far as newborn clothes go, because I am not sure how big he is going to be when he is born! My parents have already offered to buy him some newborn items, but I’ve asked them to hold off until he is here! (They are seriously the BEST!)

Drawer Four


In this drawer I decided to put a bunch of wash cloths (I got a 30 pack from Costco, linked below), some extra blankets and waterproof change mats. In the back I have all of his hats and socks.

Drawer Five


In this drawer I have some size 1 diapers (the ones in the back are the ‘funny ones’ that were made for me at my shower – I can’t wait to start using them!), extra wipes and some of his 0-3 month clothes.

Drawer Six


This drawer is kind of a random one. On the front left side, I have my Boba Wrap and one of my carseat covers. The other is in my diaper bag, ready to go! In the back left side, I have some teethers, a toothbrush and some teething oil, all gifted to me at my shower! The rest of the drawer is dedicated to bath items. I have some bath toys, a bunch of different sample baby washes (again, I have yet to decide which one I like best, so I will wait to buy a bigger version). Bathtime wash cloths, and a cute little floating thermometer to go in his bathtub! On the very right hand side is his bath towel and some baby lotion.

Drawer Seven


In this drawer I have all of his 3-6 month onesies, sleepers and pants on the left side and all of his 6-12 months onesies, sleepers and pants on the right side. I still have a bunch of clothing items to hang in his closet once it is done.

Drawer Eight


This drawer just has some size 2 and size 3 diapers that we got in a Diaper Cake at my shower, as well as some more extra wipes in the back!

All of the drawer dividers are the Ikea Skubb drawer organizers. I bought four packages of them to organize this dresser.

Hemnes 8 drawer dresser
Changing Pad |*
Wipe Warmer |*
Diaper Pail |*
Sleep Sacks |*
Sleep Gowns |*
Wash Cloths | link
Waterproof Changing Pad Liners |*
Boba Wrap
Bathtime Wash Cloths
Floating Bath Thermometer
Hooded Bath Towel

I hope this post was helpful to anyone who is currently organizing their nursery! Again, please feel free to send any advice my way!!

xox. -K

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links. If you click on these links, I may get a commission if you purchase the item. This helps support my blog to maybe one day allow me to stay home with my baby.

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