My Favourite Green Juice Recipe

Hey guys! I thought I would share my FAVOURITE green juice recipe with you today! This is totally my own personal taste, but you may like it too! I find this recipe super refreshing and my husband likes it, too!

I like to make it first thing in the morning and have it on an empty stomach to be sure that my body is absorbing all the nutrients that it possibly can. And since I’m pregnant, I never make extra to drink later – I try and always drink it within 30 minutes of making it!


2 green apples
a handful of celery (approximately 4-5 stalks)
1 cucumber
1 lemon, peeled (the skin will make the juice taste bitter)
1-2 inch piece of ginger (I like a lot of ginger but use to your own taste)

If we had a slow press juicer, I would also add kale to this recipe but with the Breville juice fountain being a high speed juicer, I find that the kale makes little to no juice

Add all the ingredients to your juicer, stir and enjoy!





I hope you like this juice recipe as much as I do. I could honestly drink it all day, every day!

xox. -K

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