Pregnancy Update: Weeks 25 – 26

25 week silhouette


Baby Size

At week 25 baby was the size of a cabbage and about 14 inches long. By week 26 baby is the size of a butternut squash and is now a little over 14 inches long and weighs about 2 pounds! He is putting on a lot of fat now, to keep him cozy when he has to start regulating his own body temperature. His eyes are starting to open in week 26, making him more sensitive to light, which means more kicks for mom – yay! =)

How I’ve been feeling/Symptoms

I’ve been feeling great these past couple of weeks! I have more energy and am just feeling better all around.

TMI warning – a not so fun symptom in week 25 was some major constipation. I wasn’t able to go #2 for about 5 days! I wasn’t feeling too uncomfortable but when I realized it had been that long, I picked up some prune juice and some bran cereal! Both worked like a charm and things have been better (still not great) ever since.

My back pain is getting worse, unfortunately, but not surprisingly as my belly grows. I still find it odd that it isn’t my lower back that aches, but instead the middle of my back and my upper back around my shoulder blade.

Another thing I noticed this week, is that I get tired out pretty easily. My husband and I walked to an outdoor mall near our house this past weekend (only about 1.8 km each way) and afterwards I was POOPED!

Cravings and Food Aversions

Still lots of fruit!! I’ve also really been craving poutine, and I’ve definitely indulged a little more than I should haha.

No real aversions that I can think of.

What I’m loving right now

My snoogle. Still! I love that pillow so much! It makes sleep SO comfortable!! We are heading to Victoria to visit my husbands family this week, so I’ll let you know how sleeping without my snoogle is. I’m assuming it is going to be quite uncomfortable.

What I’m missing

All the foods that I’m not supposed to be eating haha. Eggs benedict, sushi, caesar salad dressing, just to name a few!


At the beginning of week 26, I weighed myself at 137 pounds. A total of 14 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight.

My belly stayed the same, about 35.5 inches around during both weeks 25 and 26 but during week 26 my belly button looks like it has popped out more than it was in week 25!


I’m feeling excited!! We have a little vacation coming up, which should be fun! I am considering it as our baby moon, since we won’t be going anywhere else before baby comes.

After we get home, I have a whole list of things that I want to get done asap just so I can just know that everything is done and not stress! I’m starting to think about what to pack in my hospital bag and also getting the dresser and closet in our baby boys room organized.

I feel like my belly looks bigger in week 25 haha – see below!


xox. -K


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