BBQ Chicken Crunchwraps


I posted a picture of a homemade Taco Bell crunchwrap on my personal Instagram last week and had a ton of requests to post the recipe on my blog!

I didn’t have any taco meat at home but I was starving and had some leftover chicken in the fridge that I decided to use. It was just as delicious – I just used a few variations!

I love these because they are like a quesadilla on steroids, BUT they have veggies in them, to make them a little healthier than your typical quesadilla.

large soft tortilla
cooked chicken, mixed with BBQ sauce and Frank’s Buffalo chicken sauce
shredded cheese, any kind
tortillas, any kind (I used Ranch Taco shells this time)
sour cream
ranch dressing
shredded lettuce
tomatoes, chopped

Variation (these are the ingredients I used for the taco crunchwraps last week):
large soft tortilla
taco meat
queso cheese (I used the Tostitos Salsa Con Queso)
multigram tostitos, or Doritos
sour cream
shredded lettuce
tomatoes, chopped

Lay out a soft tortilla shell and layer your ingredients in the following order in the middle of the tortilla: meat, cheese, hard layer (tortilla chips, Doritos, hard taco shell broken in half), sour cream, lettuce, ranch, tomatoes. Once your ingredients are layered, fold in the edges of your tortilla. Grill, folded side down first, in a greased pan over medium heat until golden brown on both sides. Cut in half and enjoy with extra sour cream on the side.












I feel like the options are endless with this type of meal! You could really substitute any of the ingredients for things you have at home and make your own flavour combination! Let me know if you try these or if you decide to create your own, I’d love to hear what you used!

xox. -K



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