Pregnancy Update: Weeks 21 – 22

Holy belly growth! Just wait until you see the progress photos below!

Baby Size

At week 21 baby was the size of a bok choy and about 10 1/2 inches long. By week 22 baby is the size of an ear of corn and is now about 12 inches and weighs close to a pound! His pancreas has also started working to produce his own hormones, which is helping to alleviate some of my hormonal burden!

How I’ve been feeling/Symptoms

I’ve been feeling really great these past couple weeks! Sleeping has still been difficult as I have trouble finding a comfortable position but my snoogle is still really helping me in that department! My back has also been really sore. Mostly my upper back, though, which seems weird to me. I think it’s due to my posture because of my growing belly!

Other than those two things, I’ve been feeling good! My appetite is definitely getting bigger, and I feel like I am, too haha! Some foods still turn me off around dinner time but I haven’t had as much trouble finding something to eat as I have in the past.

I’ve also noticed peach fuzz EVERYWHERE. Ha!

Cravings and Food Aversions

Still lots of fruit. I’ve been LOVING frozen peaches and I’ve been eating a lot of apples again, too. I’m also still on a cherry tomato kick. I’m not eating all good things, though, as I am still craving all the sweets! Cheesecake is so so good right now!

What I’m loving right now

I got this little wooden massager in my most recent bump box and my husband has been rubbing my back with it every couple of days. It’s really been helping with my back pain!


What I’m missing

Real Caesar salad dressing!


At the beginning of week 22, I weighed 131 pounds which means I’m up approximately 8 pounds since I found out I was pregnant.


Happy! Our little baby boy is really active and I absolutely LOVE feeling all of his movements on a daily basis!

We’ve started setting things up in the nursery now, which is so exciting and takes so much stress off of my shoulders since I am such a planner!


xox. -K

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