Air Canada Rouge Premium Rouge Review YYZ-BGI

I thought I would do a quick review of our flights with Air Canada Rouge because when I was planning my trip, it was tough for me to find any information on the flights!

We flew direct from Toronto to Barbados in Premium Rouge class. To me, the upgrade was totally worth it. We got priority boarding which means we were the first to get on the plane, and also the first to get off. It also included priority baggage, which again, means our bags were the first to come off the plane! My husband isn’t a fan of big crowds so this was a big plus for us not having to wait long to collect our bags!

The seats in Premium Rouge were 2 x 2 x 2 with 4 rows. They were quite large and had much more leg room than a regular economy seat. There was also a foot rest that lowered down from the seat in front of you, which was really comfortable! Waiting in our seats for us, was a nice big, red blanket and a cute little pillow! There is a small table in between the two seats which was convenient for our drinks when we were watching a movie and didn’t want to have the full table out in front of us.

As soon as we were in our seats the flight attendants brought around water and orange juice, as well as a free iPad rental loaded with many TV shows and movies, including new releases. Upon take off they brought around a breakfast menu for us to choose from. The process went quickly, as they were back about 5 minutes later to take our orders. While we waited for our breakfast, they brought around hot towels to wipe down our hands. It was a really nice touch! About 20 minutes later they came around to serve us a drink of our choice and the meal that we chose.

I chose the parsley omelet with chicken sausage, which was delicious and came with a side of fruit, a yogurt and also a warmed bun with butter. I also got a white wine (obviously).

Everything else about the flight went well. The flight attendants were very attentive and friendly.


Our flight home was pretty much the same – although not quite as exciting, since we were headed home to the snow rather than sunny Barbados!

First we were served their famous ‘warmed nuts’ upon take off as well as a drink of our choice. Then they brought around the dinner menus. For this flight, I chose the eggplant lasagna, which was soo delicious! My husband got the chicken tandoori and said that was really tasty, too!

I hope this helps in your decision for your next vacation!

xox -K


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