Packing Hacks

I’m kind of crazy when it comes to packing. I start weeks before we are set to leave, and spend hours making sure I have everything I need. Over the years, I have created a packing list that suits my husband and I well.

My first hack… get a cat, and let them lay all over your luggage. It will make finding your luggage on the carousel so much easier!


Ha ha but in all seriousness, I start with laying out all of our luggage. I pretty much turn our guest room into my own personal ‘packing room’. I put out any bags that I use for packing, as well as my carry-on/beach bag. I also print out my packing list and grab a pen!

Like most girls I know, I tend to over pack. I usually pack approximately 30 outfits for the 7 days that we will be there. This time, I decided that I would try on and write out all of my evening outfits, in hopes of packing less. Meaning less laundry when I get home, too! I ended up packing 8 outfits that could be worn for dinner. SCORE!


I’ve seen so many packing hacks on Pinterest and decided to use one that I saw for my jewelry! The hack suggested putting your necklaces through a straw to prevent tangling and then place them on a piece of Press’n Seal. I didn’t have any Press’n Seal at the time, so I just used Saran wrap!

I’ve also seen people place saran wrap under the lid of any liquids, to be sure that there is no leakage! I always pack all my liquids in plastic bags as well, just to be safe!


I also like to pack all my swimsuits in a Ziploc bag in case any of them are still wet when we are packing up to leave the resort.


Another tip I like, is packing a few plastic grocery bags (or any bags you have laying around your house) to put dirty clothes in as you wear them during your trip. That way, you don’t wear the same thing twice and the inside of your suitcase isn’t a disaster! I’ve even gone as far as separating my whites and colours in two separate bags, making laundry when we get home SO much easier!

All packed and ready to go!

I hope you can use some of these tip when packing for your next vacation!

xox. -K


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