Home Office/Guest Room Tour

I’ve finally got my home office set up and I’m so in love with it! There are still a few finishing touches that I need to do but I wanted to share it anyways!

Since we are turning our second bedroom into a nursery, we only have one bedroom left to work with. This bedroom has always been our guest room, and still will be, but we needed to get a home office set up so we decided to make our third bedroom into an office/guest room. (It’s also totally my ‘workout’ room, too, because it’s the only place we could find room for our treadmill haha)

I totally forgot to take before pictures but here are my after pictures!





For the desk, we decided to go with Malm dressers from ikea so that we could use one side for our office things and leave the other side empty for when we have guests visiting us. For the desk top Brent just cut a piece of melamine to go over top of both dressers with a gap in the middle and I secured it with command strips. Easy peasy!

I always love the look of a freshly decorated room =) Let me know your thoughts on our home office idea! Hope you enjoyed!

xox. – K



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