Our Fur Babies!

Who doesn’t love some good cat spam?! I mean, I could literally spend 24 hours a day looking at pictures of cats… but maybe that’s just me!

I just realized that I haven’t done a blog post about my 3 fur babies!

So here it is.. Enjoy!

All 3 of my little ones are rescues. The first two I got from a farm of a landscape company that I worked for. They were pretty little when I brought them home, but I hoped that by taking them, I would save them from either being run over or eaten!

The first one I got in August 2011 and he was probably between 6-7 weeks old at the time. I named him Pinot.

Pinot 8

Then came Goose, in June 2012!


These two steal my heart each and every day! Their dad definitely spoils them with lots of pets, brushes, cuddles and treats!

Our little family was perfect! We had moved into our dream home, we were engaged and planning our wedding when one day in May 2015 (May 10th to be exact), I stumbled across this photo on Facebook:


I instantly fell in love with her and had to have her!

To make a very long story short, she had a ROUGH few months. This photo was taken by a girl who was rescuing animals from Aruba and sending them home to Canada. I would imagine she was about 4-5 weeks old in this picture – maybe even younger. We had hoped that we would have her home with us in just a few short weeks, but unfortunately there were a lot of complications getting her into Canada!

The girl who rescued her sent me many updates, including this one, while we waited for her:


Seriously, how sweet is she?!

Fast forward to September 23rd – we finally got to meet our new kitty, Rose!



She is the most cuddly, affectionate cat we have ever met! She gives us just as much love as we give her! We are so happy that we adopted her and wouldn’t take it back for a second (even though 3 cats is a little much at times haha)

It took the two boys a while to get used to her but soon they were sharing their favourite spots with her!

I hope you enjoyed the story of how we got each one of our little fur babies! Here some more spam just to get you through the day:


xox. -K

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