Pregnancy Update: Weeks 15 – 16

Belly pop at 15 weeks

Baby Size

At week 15 baby was the size of a avocado and at week 16 baby is the size of a dill pickle! Our little one is beginning to look more and more human each day and is growing rapidly! At 16 weeks baby weighs 4 oz already! Baby is also starting to hear sounds now and even though their eyelids are still sealed, they can detect light through my belly! How cool!

How I’ve been feeling/Symptoms

The nausea is still there but not nearly as bad as it was in weeks 13 and 14. I am starting to be able to eat more and trying to eat as healthy as I can when I am feeling good!

The shooting pains from my lower back down into my bum and the top of my legs is still there and is getting worse! I’ll have some days where I don’t feel it much but more often than not, I am feeling it all the time.

My boobs have also been really sore again – hopefully a growth spurt is in my future! =D

Also, my belly button is definitely going to start sticking out soon! It isn’t quite yet, but it’s not as much of an ‘inny’ as it used to be!

Cravings and Food Aversions

I am still craving sweets and lots of fruit. I picked up a bunch of fruit at Costco and am going to make a big fruit salad to snack on. I’ve also been LOVING the individual frozen lasagnas from Costco – they are definitely not healthy but they are so good!

Nothing as far as aversions go!

What I’m loving right now

The new Fitbit I got for Christmas! It is holding me accountable to stay active during the day which I am definitely needing because all I want to do is sit around!

What I’m missing

Lunch meat.. I know, I know I’m always missing something food related (lol). I would love to just be able to make myself a sandwich for work as it is so easy and can be super nutritious as well. I might cook up some chicken breasts and make sandwiches with that for next week.


At week 15 I was 122 lbs and at week 16 and 1 day I was 121.8 lbs. I am a little worried that I am not gaining enough weight so I downloaded myfitnesspal and started counting my calories again. The app says that if I want to gain about 1 pound a week, I should be eating about 2250 calories per day. I also have my Fitbit connected to it, so when I get extra steps in a day, it adds calories for me to eat! I am going to stick to trying to get 2000-2500 calories per day for now, and I’m definitely going to talk to my doctor when I go in on the 15th of this month. Any mamas out there in the same boat as me? I just want to make sure our little one is getting all the nutrients he/she needs!


I have been feeling pretty great these last couple of weeks! There is a ton racing through my mind (gender, nursery plans, what we all need before baby comes) that is making me really excited for what is to come!

The best part about weeks 15 & 16 was that we got to ring in the new year with this little miracle in my belly and it was so special! (don’t worry, I was drinking non-alcoholic bubbly)



This week we ordered a glider chair and a crib for the nursery and my husband painted the nursery! I already know what stroller and car seat I want and am planning on ordering them sometime soon. I will be doing a post on our nursery progress, as well as a post on things we buy for baby along the way! Once we find out the gender, our little one will be much easier to buy for! ❤


Thanks so much for reading =) Please comment below with any ideas or requests for posts for me to do!

xox. – K

4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: Weeks 15 – 16

  1. ❤ Definitely talk to your doctor about the lack of weight gain but I wouldn't stress too much. I lost 13 lbs in the first trimester and only gained 20 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight and my midwife was fine with that. Until you can chat with your doctor, make sure you eat when you are able to and drink lots of water!

    PS – you are the most adorable pregnant lady ever! you are glowing xo

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